Returning to work is different for each and every person, so we do not offer a one size fits all service

We tailor our service and recommendations to the individual through a number of assessments that look at the whole person. Our assessment services include:

  • Activities of daily living:

    assessment of daily living activities to recommend tasks, equipment needs and changes that assist with independent living and speedier rehabilitation

  • Ergonomic assessment:

    workstation assessments with key recommendations to maximise comfort and efficiency

  • Standardised functional capacity evaluation:

    usually referred by employers or insurers, this evaluation assesses the injured worker’s safe physical capacity at work determining strength, mobility and hours of attendance

  • Capacity to earn assessment:

    a comprehensive assessment to determine a worker’s capacity to earn in suitable employment, comparable to the individual’s pre-injury average wage earning (PIAWE). A capacity to earn assessment can be used to help applications to reduce or cease weekly benefits