Achieving health, wellbeing and life goals

Our Return to Better Health program focuses on helping people back to a life of independence

Returning to better health encompasses those injured individuals unable to return to work or to pre-injury life for a significant amount of time.

When an individual feels the financial, social, emotional and physical impact of serious injury or illness, the thought of returning to better health can be difficult.

Our supportive Return to Better Health services helps these people get back control of their life, build resilience and to reintegrate with their community.

The services are holistic – taking into account the many and varied needs of each person that we are assisting – and can include, but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to counselling or mental health support services
  • Exercise programs to improve physical conditioning, as well as mental health and confidence
  • Health coaching and education for improved physical wellbeing
  • Financial advice and planning services
  • Vocational guidance services
  • Introduction to relevant community services, volunteer groups and organisations
  • Our complimentary training calendar