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Early tailored intervention is critical towards supporting a person with a mental health condition to recover and ultimately return to optimal health and work. Often psychological issues combine with other factors, be they physical or psychological. The faster all barriers for recovery are identified and tailored strategies put in place, the better.

MindHub brings together experts from across medical and allied health including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Occupational Therapists consistently throughout each client’s treatment.

This approach ensures faster recovery through a personalised plan towards optimal health and work.

The entire focus of the qualified MindHub team of Rehabilitation Specialists is on providing meaningful recovery support, understanding the specific needs of each person, and supporting them to return to and enjoy their life.

The MindHub difference

  • Specialised psychological services
  • A personalised experience – we take the time to understand your needs
  • Fast tracked access to treatment – the right specialists at the right time
  • Fewer communication gaps – no need to explain your circumstances each time
  • Reduced delays in access to recovery supports

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