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MindHub’s Motivate Your Mind (MYM) program is a one-on-one program designed to strengthen a person’s capacity to cope with changes and challenges. The program provides participants with various strategies and techniques to allow them to cope and continue to function in their daily lives. MYM adopts cognitive behavioural therapy principles and has been developed to target key factors which help a client move forward following an illness or\ workplace injury.

Who would benefit from MYM?

Often one of the main factors inhibiting a person from returning to work is not related to their injury, but rather issues relating to the way in which they can move forward after facing adversity.

People who may benefit include:

  • Clients who are experiencing difficulty in progressing with their rehabilitation goals
  • Those who appear not ready to participate or display lack of confidence with engaging in rehabilitation activities
  • Clients who remain unfit for work
  • Individuals who report minimal engagement in activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as social and recreational activities
  • Clients whose functioning appears to have stagnated

MYM consists of:

Six weekly to fortnightly one-on-one sessions

Five structured modules aimed at providing education and tools to increase resilience

Screening questionnaires conducted at the beginning and conclusion of the program

Home-based activities for clients to complete to encourage skills practice between sessions

The program is not considered treatment, and is designed to complement psychological counselling that a client may be engaged in for their injury.

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