We recruit graduates, we hire leaders

As a company, we’ve got the same attractive benefits as most. Our difference is when we hire, we hire for the long haul.

WorkFocus Australia Sydney office

No matter where you are, you'll feel connected at WorkFocus Australia

WorkFocus Australia Sydney office

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When we recruit, we hire staff we envision for our leadership management team. (You see 5 of the 6 members of the current leadership team started with us as graduates!)

So, we won’t pigeon hole you.

When you work with us, you won’t need to look for the next opportunity elsewhere. We have a policy of mentoring our employees so they can progress their careers internally.

Many of our staff over time have taken different career pathways. Some choose the adventure of a regional or interstate transfer, while others embrace the challenges of product development. And then there’s those that move to the leadership roles.

Whatever your career pathway. We’ll support you.

But we also won’t hold you back.

We’re okay if people don’t want to stay for their whole careers. Regardless, we’ll still invest in your professional and personal development. Because we aren’t just about career progression, we’re also here to support you through life’s invariable cycles. If you need to seek new career experiences, travel, start a family or challenge yourself with extra study. That’s okay.

We offer flexibility so you have the freedom to expand your horizons. After all, it’s not unusual for our people to circle back to us for their next career challenge.

Benefits are a given


Career Development
Our Success Pathways are individual and goal oriented so while you focus on helping people to recover and build better lives, we’ll focus on your career development.

On the Job Support
Our staff tell us they thrive on one-on-one support and coaching. This gives them the confidence to do their job in the knowledge there is someone that they can turn to for assistance.

Flexible Working Arrangements
Need to juggle life’s commitments? We’ve got your back with modified work plans and work from home capabilities.


Professional Development
Your educational needs are covered with access to online learning, a training calendar, funded degrees and interstate or external courses.

Internal Career Progression Opportunities
We believe our staff are our greatest asset. So, we want to keep them. We promote internally first and will support staff looking to move divisions or states to build the career they want.

Employment Essentials
Novated leases, coffee machines, fresh fruit, employment assistant programs, referral bonuses. Some companies call them perks. We call them essentials.