WorkFocus Australia

Building better lives for Australians through work and health

A holistic and personalised service assisting the unique needs of life insurance clients

At WorkFocus Australia, we understand the unique policies, products and disability insurances within the life insurance market can be intricate

That’s why we’ve established a dedicated, national team of life insurance experts.

Just like our other teams, they’re experienced in delivering return to work and return to function services. Their difference is they have undertaken specific training about the sector and been mentored by life insurance managers.

So, we know how to navigate through the maze of life insurance policy requirements and tailor our services and assessments to fit the individual client situation.

We are committed to partnering with life insurers to meet the health, wellbeing and life goals of their clients through our dedicated services including:

  • Rehabilitation assessments
  • Job seeking assistance / vocational counselling
  • Engagement plans
  • Medico-legal assessments
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