We focus on what’s important… you.

Our belief is that working delivers innumerable health, social and financial benefits.

Our goal is to seamlessly guide people through the recovery process to return to better health and productivity faster.

We exist to build better lives through work and health.

Since 1989, we have provided a range of services to minimise the social, physical, psychological and financial impact of workplace injury and illness and to maximise the health benefits of good work.


Help to recover

Supporting people to better health and work outcomes for a full and positive life.


Minimising the impact of injury and illness on the workplace with sustainable return to work solutions.


Optimising work and life participation for people with injury, illness, disability and disadvantage.

Thank you for your feedback

I would rate my experience with WorkFocus Australia a 10/10. My consultant was a great guy who joined me on all required appointments and explained everything along the way.

We have enjoyed building a strong relationship with WorkFocus Australia over the last few years. The team has supported us nationally with streamlined fees and consistent service across our portfolio. We can always rely on the professional advice and exceptional customer service from each consultant. WorkFocus Australia has lived up to their promise of being able to offer us better relationships, service and results, and we look forward to continuing this great partnership.

I had a very positive experience with WorkFocus Australia. I liked the way they worked in with the Doctor/Physio and my personal trainer, and were in close communication with me on the rehabilitation program all with my wellbeing and getting back to work fit the main objective. Very easy to talk to. The professional and knowledgeable input along the way setting and changing suitable exercise programs while keeping open lines of communication made things go well.

I would like to thank my consultant on your professionalism and excellent listening skills especially during your initial contact. You were punctual and attended my home within a reasonable time. Your assessment and report of my home office was very thorough and detailed. You will certainly be highly recommended to all future patients requiring ergonomic assessments and I hope we can maintain a strong working relationship looking into the future.

Celebrating our team


WorkFocus Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we live and work, and pays respect to Elders past, present and emerging.