WA — The Human Touch: improving health and work outcomes for everyone

Corina Della-Posta

We’re pleased to share that our very own Divisional Manager, Corina Della-Posta was on the panel at the Next Health Group complimentary Q&A event, The Human Touch held on Wednesday 29 May in Perth.

Corina holds a Master of Applied Psychology and as a Clinical Psychologist has had her thesis published in the Journal of Occupational Rehab. In recent years, Corina was elected President of the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA) in WA, and has also received ARPAs Exceptional Leadership Award. It’s fair to say that Corina knows how to help people with injuries or illnesses recover.

The event featured:

  • A powerful real life experience
  • An engaging Q&A session

Topics of discussion included:

  • The psychology that drives different recovery outcomes
  • Reasons behind a successful or unsuccessful return to work, life and health
  • The importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health well being
  • The importance of good work on both physical and mental health well being

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