NSW — WorkFocus Australia secures sustainable employment for client through Connect2work

Research has undeniably shown that good work can provide innumerable social, financial, emotional and physical benefits. Work and health in the context of life helps people meet health, well-being, life and social goals as well as work goals. All are interconnected.

Recently, WorkFocus Australia successfully connected a client with a national hardware store as host employer in a timely and cost-effective manner through SIRA’s Connect2work program.

The client (an Apprentice Panel Beater) had suffered an injury in 2018 and had not been working due to a diagnosis of anxiety and depression. He was referred to WorkFocus Australia in March 2020.

In just two months WorkFocus Australia, through the Connect2work program, provided the necessary psychological support and opportunity for the client to re-enter the workforce, commencing with 15 hours per week and gradually progressing to full time hours.

The host employer will receive an assistance payment from the insurer to cover any out of pocket expenses for on the job training and support, and the client will receive payment for travel to and from the workplace, essential equipment to perform work duties and ongoing support from WorkFocus Australia.

In keeping with the WorkFocus Australia value of ‘building better lives’, the client now has the opportunity to keep active with continued recovery through work via increased tasks and capacity for work.

Connect2work is a voluntary short-term work placement with a host employer, supporting recovery at work where:

  • the pre-injury employer is unable to offer suitable work due to COVID-19 or
  • the client is looking for new employment.

Connect2work is a SIRA initiative and has been developed in recognition of the economic and business impacts of COVID-19 and can be accessed during the period of the pandemic.

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