Recruiting done right

When it comes to recruiting new team members, we are serious. And we are flexible.

This means we tailor our approach to each role and the talented candidates we meet. There’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ recruitment at WorkFocus Australia.

In fact, we are so serious about getting the right person into our jobs that in some instances we’ve invited candidates in for an interview the same day they submitted their job application. And the job offer? Well that could be as quick as the following day.

When we have several amazing candidates applying for the same role, we will dive a bit deeper and may take a bit longer.

Ultimately, though, this flexible approach means we recognise talent and build our teams around your potential and the difference you can make when you are working with people who most need your support.

What’s more, we’ll stay in touch along your recruitment. You’ll know where you stand every step of the way.

Here’s our general recruitment and selection process:

  • We read and review:

    we review the applications as they’re received assessing the suitability of each candidate to the advertised role

  • We call for a chat:

    if you’ve got the right qualifications and registration, we’ll give you a call for a bit of a “get to know you, get to know us” type chat

  • We meet in person:

    if we still feel that you’re a good candidate for us, we’ll get you to come in for an interview with the hiring manager

  • We do our homework:

    we will assess the preferred candidates by checking references, qualifications and registrations

  • We’ll offer you a job:

    if your references and details check out – we’ll call to offer you the job!

  • The formal stuff:

    if you accept the role, we will send out a contract for you to sign and negotiate your starting date

The induction process

As for our induction process – well we purposefully take some time with this.

For the first two weeks, you’ll have individual one-on-one training with your team leader.

You’ll also have a dedicated coach allocated to you whose sole responsibility is to develop our new employees. Your coach will set out a 5-month plan, adapted to your level of experience, to ease you into your new role.

Not the preferred candidate?

If you’re not the right fit for a particular role, but we still think you’ve got the right stuff, we’ll keep your details on file for any future possibilities.

Got a recruitment question?

Contact Chris Galvin on 02 9098 2600 or via