As New South Wales State Manager, Michael is responsible for the strategic direction and management of financial targets, return to work performance, quality, on-boarding and training of staff and recruitment across New South Wales. He manages a growing team of allied health professionals and employment services consultants.

Michael is passionate about utilising his allied health skills to help people return to work, functionality and better health. Over his career, he has gained an understanding that behind every claim is a real person who needs to be listened to and treated with empathy and kindness. It’s a lesson put to great use. Michael empowers his staff to use their health qualifications and personal and professional strengths to bring positive change to their clients’ lives.

Michael’s ultimate work day is receiving a call from a past client acknowledging his team’s impact in helping them reclaim their lives following injury or illness. His ultimate day at home… a game of golf, a pub lunch and hanging out with his wife and baby boy.

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