Corina Della-Posta has been with WorkFocus Australia for her whole career to date, starting as a fresh graduate psychologist and progressing through the ranks. She is an inspiring example of how to forge a career path in workplace rehabilitation, and is now Divisional Manager as well as an industry leader. Everything she and her team do is aimed at building better lives for Australians through work and health.

After 16 years and diverse roles in the industry, it’s fair to say that if there is something to know about helping people with injuries or illnesses to recover, Corina knows it.

Passionate about her job, Corina loves developing young professionals and seeing them realise their full potential. “Every day” is her ultimate day at work, because “every day the team makes a difference to people’s lives, facilitating significant positive impact on their life and their family.”

It’s not all work though. Corina’s ultimate day off is spent in the enjoyment of fine food and wine, basking in the sun with her baby girl and furthering her shoe addiction.

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