Are you a Disability Employment Service? WorkFocus Australia offers the capability and services to assist you in increasing your access to large employers who are committed to increasing recruitment of people with disability.

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The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) is the employer engagement arm of JobAccess.

The NDRC helps large employers build their disability knowledge and skills and access the talents of employees with disability.  

So what do these partnerships mean for you as DES providers?

Employers who join the NDRC are often at different stages of disability confidence and competence and may initially have limited understanding of working with DES. The NDRC team works closely with each employer to develop an overview of their recruitment process and preferred method of engagement with DES providers, as well as gathering hints and tips for success for your candidates.

The NDRC also distribute job vacancies from employers to a national network of Disability Employment Services providers that have a pool of candidates with disability seeking work.  

For more information

  • call Job Access on 1800 464 800

You can also visit the WorkFocus Group for additional DES resources from the NDRC.

Are you a Job Service Australia Provider?

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WorkFocus Australia has operated this service on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations (DEEWR) since 2006 providing help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers. A 'one-stop shop' for all matters relating to the employment of people with a disability it includes online resources and telephone assistance to assist employers in becoming more "disability confident". 

For more information call a JobAccess Advisor on 1800 464 800 or visit

You can also download the JobAccess fact sheet here.

Are you a Vocational Rehabilitation Provider?

WorkFocus Australia has the ability to assist you on a fee for service basis across the continuum of Workplace Rehabilitation and Health Services. We can complete specific services on your behalf such as Functional Assessments, Worksite Assessments and Duties Registers.

We are also able to support you in the delivery of Employment services in the event an injured worker cannot return to their same employer. Our redeployment services range from comprehensive case management to specific services such as Vocational Assessments, Work Trial Searches and Job Seeker Programs.

If you have gaps in your coverage of regional and remote locations we may be in a position to assist you. Our locations page has information on our office and coverage locations. Alternatively, our online capability in the area of employment services may be an option for you.

WorkFocus Australia has extensive experience in providing case management services on behalf of providers with preferred provider status. We undertake these activities on a subcontractor basis and seek to manage the relationships with the customer whilst respecting the status of the preferred provider.

Contact us on 1300 570 181 to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.