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WorkFocus Australia works with insurers, employers and other stakeholders to deliver Return to Work and Employment outcomes for workers and job seekers across Australia.

Our customers value strategic business partnerships and a provider that has a deep understanding of their business drivers and service expectation. Minimising the economic as well as human 'costs' of workers compensation claims drives our service delivery.

Outcomes are vital to containing the cost and duration of claims. WorkFocus Australia believes that what gets measured gets done.  Our dedicated Results Team monitor all key performance indicators to ensure that we operate consistently, leveraging our unique service delivery model to ensure that 'every day counts'.

For some large employers, extensive geographical coverage is vital to delivering services effectively. We have a comprehensive and consistent national capability with the systems and infrastructure to support local service delivery in a flexible and responsive manner. Other employers want a local provider who understands their business and is responsive to their needs. Our model allows us to deliver service tailored to these different needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to 'think national but act local'.

We recruit the best and brightest allied health professionals including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists as well as employment specialists with Job Services Australia (Job Network) expertise.

Increasingly our customers are required to manage workplace rehabilitation situations where it is hard to get value from traditional service delivery channels, wherever they are located. We have a unique and innovative offering that combines worker empowerment with accountability and one on one support enabling you to extend full service, quality rehabilitation to remote and regional workers.

We recognise that you have extensive experience in ensuring the wellbeing and health of your staff. However, there are times when it could be helpful to leverage the insight and expertise of a trusted partner. We have over 20 years experience in delivering best practice Advisory Services to assist organizations in maintaining or improving workforce productivity.

Specialist Services are available to assist individuals in a regional or remote area.

To refer to WorkFocus Australia call 1300 570 181 or complete an e-referral.