How Can We Help?

We start by listening to you. Whether you're an employer, or a worker with a physical or mental health issue, we need to know your needs, expectations and capabilities. Then we'll get cracking on tailoring a plan, monitoring the performance, and providing you with results on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive. We recognise that each case is truly different and will tailor our services to respond to your needs.

Our services fall into three main streams:

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  1. Workplace Rehabilitation and Health
  2. Employment Services
  3. Advisory Services

We understand our customers need consistent service irrespective of location. That is why no matter where you are located our extensive geographical coverage provides confidence and peace of mind that we can get results, hassle free.

Workplace Rehabilitation and Health

Workplace injuries can involve significant economic and human costs. Ensuring the shortest possible duration for each case is one way that we can minimise these costs. 'Every day counts' is a key operational mantra for WorkFocus Australia.

We have been helping individuals to stay at work for 21 years. We have achieved consistently outstanding results in returning workers to their pre-injury role, managing injury rehabilitation for over 50,000 individuals in this time. We continue to introduce innovative and effective programs to improve workplace health.

Employment Services

WorkFocus Australia has a range of outcome focused and practical job placement services that are suitable for employees who are unable to return to their pre-injury role and require assistance to get work.

Employment Services are a specialist service and as such requires specialist skills. WorkFocus Australia has a unique blend of Health Professionals and Employment Specialists giving us the ability to bring the right skills to each case in order to achieve an effective outcome, fast.

Advisory Services

As an employer, do you need help with advice to improve your organizational capability in the development and maintenance of safer work environments? We have the insight and the skills to assist you in this area. In addition, as the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator and our delivery of the JobAccess program on behalf of the Australian Government we can help you access untapped labour pools.

  • JobAccess

    JobAccess is the national hub for disability employment, proudly delivered by WorkFocus Australia on behalf of the Australian Government.

    With an innovative approach recognised internationally, JobAccess brings together a wide range of disability employment tools, resources and services, and is delivered by a team of highly experienced experts in a range of fields including psychology, occupational therapy and employer engagement.

    Support provided by JobAccess includes a dedicated advice service and website, coordinating workplace assessments to support workplace modifications and training, and vital reporting services for complaints and allegations of abuse and neglect.

    JobAccess has and continues to make a significant difference in removing barriers to disability employment in Australia. Since its inception in 2006, JobAccess has helped over 260,000 people with disability and employers with advice and support and coordinated over 35,000 applications for workplace modifications.

  • Employer Engagement (NDRC)

    The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) is the employer engagement arm of JobAccess.

    The NDRC helps large employers build their disability knowledge and skills and access the talents of employees with disability. Large employers are able to enter into a free 12 month partnership with JobAccess, working directly with a Professional Adviser to build disability confidence and look at disability employment planning, strategy and initiatives for their organisation. The NDRC also distribute job vacancies from employers to a national network of Disability Employment Services providers that have a pool of candidates with disability seeking work. The team also hosts educational seminars for employers wanting to learn more about disability employment and available support services.

    The NDRC engages with over 1,000 employers a year to build their expertise and confidence. Call 1800 464 800 or email to register for updates and be connected to a member of the Employer Engagement team.

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