About Us: WorkFocus Australia

We exist to make a real and measurable impact on employment opportunities for people with injury, illness, disability or disadvantage.

We do this by helping people to get work, helping people to stay at work and can help with advice by providing advisory services to employers to ensure the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

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Established since 1989 our customer list includes all of Australia's largest Workers Compensation Insurance companies, corporate customers and thousands of small businesses. Our success has come through strategic business partnerships that have helped our customers achieve consistently outstanding results.

WorkFocus Australia commenced operations in Perth as a provider of Workplace Rehabilitation and Injury Management Services and has grown organically and through acquisition. Since 1989 we have assisted over 50,000 people, engaged with over 40,000 employers and been a preferred supplier to all of Australia's workers compensation insurers.

We also deliver two innovative services on behalf of the Australian Government, JobAccess and NDRC.

The Work Health Group

WorkFocus Australia is part of the Work Health Group of associated companies, a major privately-owned business in the employment services sector and providing support to people with injury, illness, disability or mental health condition.
Our national footprint includes 31 locations, employing more than 300 people across six states and territories.  
Offerings of the Group include help to stay at work  via workplace based rehabilitation and health services, help to get work by reducing barriers, sourcing jobs and building employer confidence and help with advice for employers, insurers and agents to maintain a productive workforce.

The Group is one of Australia’s best performing disability employment organisations, an industry leader with more than 25 years experience.  We outperform the industry in all programs we deliver.

Our qualified and experienced staff has assisted over 50,000 people with injury, illness, disability and mental health conditions to achieve and maintain employment.  

We leverage our national coverage model to deliver an unrivalled track record, providing advice and demonstrating our expertise in all matters regarding disability employment.  

Work Health Group includes atWork Australia, Kairros and WorkFocus Australia.